Develop the skills of the South African workforce and improve the quality of workers and their work prospects.

Register the business with the relevant SETA
Act as a Skills Development Facilitator for the business
Conduct a basic training needs analysis if required
Submit an annual Workplace Skills Plan and Pivotal Plan
Submit quarterly reports
Claim annually from the SETA
Introduce accredited training programmes for the business to be presented by accredited
training providers
Introduce Learnerships and youth subsidies

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Labour Law prescribes that certain updated notices and signage must be displayed and/or readily available in your work place.  Please note that should you not have your notices and signage displayed, you may be penalised or receive heavy fines imposed by the Labour Department.

    Employment Equity Act
    Basic Conditions of Employment
    Skills Development Act
    Occupational Health & Safety
    Tobacco Act
    Compensation of Injuries & Diseases Act (COID)
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