Will you pass an Employment Equity Compliance inspection?

Complete the test and find out if you are compliant. To make an appointment email or call us. A full audit will put your mind at ease. Over 1000 clients enjoy 100% compliance and peace of mind with us.

Conduct workplace audit
Define Employment Equity strategy
Implement Employment Equity policies and procedures
Develop Employment Equity plan
Submit required reports to the Department of Labour
Train employees on Employment Equity
Monitor performance against Employment Equity plan

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Additional Services

1. Conduct workplace audit: Assessment and review committee structure, Employment Equity Committee meeting to discuss what has been done in terms of the employment equity analysis, policies and procedures. Review minutes of past meetings. Review current employee profile for correct occupational level categorisation4 Days
2. Assessment and recommendation on current Employment Equity policies and procedures16 Days
3. Assessment, review and recommendation of Existing Employment Equity Plan4 Days
4. Training and practical application for personnel involved in the process2,5 Days
5. Mentor and Coach HR towards completion and submission of Employment Equity Submission5 Sessions
6. Quarterly Monitoring performance against Employment Equity plan4 Sessions

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Labour Law prescribes that certain updated notices and signage must be displayed and/or readily available in your work place.  Please note that should you not have your notices and signage displayed, you may be penalised or receive heavy fines imposed by the Labour Department.

    Employment Equity Act
    Basic Conditions of Employment
    Skills Development Act
    Occupational Health & Safety
    Tobacco Act
    Compensation of Injuries & Diseases Act (COID)
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