Complete the test and find out if you are compliant

    Do you have a designated (BLACK) senior manager to drive the equity process, and has the person signed an agreement to take on that responsibility?YesNo

    Has the equity plan and report been communicated and published in the workplace?YesNo

    Do you have a duly elected committee that is representative of all races, genders and levels who have been nominated and willingly accepted the responsibility?YesNo

    Do you have minutes of the Employment Equity Committee Meetings?YesNo

    Does your profile accurately reflect the degree of representation of designated groups against the EAP (economically active population) both nationally and provincially?YesNo

    Has your organisation modified or made any adjustments to accommodate disabilities?YesNo

    Do all your employees have job descriptions that clearly state what their responsibilities are, as well as graded / evaluated objectively accordingly?YesNo

    Do you have a policy on medical testing?YesNo

    Are all your line managers trained on performance management?YesNo

    Has readiness of designated people to be given added responsibilities been determined through assessments and appraisals?YesNo

    Do you have an up-to-date skills gap analysis for all employees that clearly identifies development plans for individuals, specifically aligned to the Equity Plan?YesNo

    Do you have the 9 key policies to support your equity strategy in place?YesNo

    Have you set up measures to determine the success of the Plan?YesNo