Socio Economic development:

How much money must be paid towards SED

Monetary or non-monetary contributions to the equivalent of 1% on NPAT        

Definition of SED

Socio-Economic Development Contributions consist of monetary or non-monetary, recoverable or non-recoverable contributions actually initiated and implemented in favour of beneficiary entities by a Measured Entity with the specific objective of facilitating sustainable access to the economy.

What does this mean?

SED seeks to encourage initiatives that enhance the ability of black people who remain non-participants in the economic mainstream to be included in participating in the economy in a sustainable manner.

SED is any programme that creates sustainable access to the economy for its beneficiaries. This means that contributions should be providing sustainable benefit, to use the old saying SED projects teach people to fish rather than giving them a fish. If a company is not creating sustainable access to the economy for beneficiaries then they are not involved with SED.

Who are we in the process?

We are Timmal holdings we have a host of companies under our umbrella what we do is we project manage and distribute your funds taking away the hassle of you having to do it.

Preferred Beneficiaries

All beneficiaries are 100% black owned and support 100% black beneficiaries

  1. SIZANANI charity Request Company Profile (Full Name, Email and Contact Number)
  2. Men against Rape Request Company Profile (Full Name, Email and Contact Number)
  3. Leadership Academy Request Company Profile (Full Name, Email and Contact Number)


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