US Trends to take off in South Africa

There are some overlaps with what we are seeing in South Africa; particularly with sectors like Elderly care and Disaster relief and the list focuses exclusively on US trends.  Cape Town’s current drought, for example, has lead to a surge in water start-ups eager to come up with innovative solutions to #DefeatDayZero. Which of these [...]

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Business networking for beginners.

Networking is the word which brings sweaty palms and heart palpitations to many, but it need not. With a few easy strategies you will be able to boost your confidence and overcome your initial fear of business networking. 90 percent of all small businesses get business from referrals, which mean your network is your net [...]

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2018 a year of new opportunities for SMEs

What a great year it could be for SMEs if they take the opportunities available! SMEs are the backbone of our country, and the R2.1 billion that has been allocated towards the funding of small businesses in the 2018 budget speech is testimony to this. Economic downgrades, VAT increases and general uncertainty about the future [...]

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