US Trends to take off in South Africa

There are some overlaps with what we are seeing in South Africa; particularly with sectors like Elderly care and Disaster relief and the list focuses exclusively on US trends.  Cape Town’s current drought, for example, has lead to a surge in water start-ups eager to come up with innovative solutions to #DefeatDayZero. Which of these [...]

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How South Africa can align its development plan with the SDGs

Creating coherent national policies is a challenge for most countries. And now the adoption of the UN's 2030 Agenda and its sustainable development goals (SDGs) has presented governments with an additional challenge: aligning national policies with expansive global development goals. Both developed and developing countries are faced with this challenge. This is exacerbated by the SDGs’ integrated nature and [...]

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Gauteng on the Move’ app is here!

Gauteng MEC for Roads and Transport Ismail Vadi has launched a mobile app that will provide commuters with real-time public transit information, timetables and fares for Gauteng-based public transport operators. This App will allow users to plan their journeys with the option to select their desired transport modes, travel times and criteria specific to travel [...]

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Supermarkets scramble to pull products linked to deadly listeriosis

Supermarket giants Shoprite and Pick n Pay on Sunday indicated they are withdrawing all products linked to the source of the world’s largest outbreak of listeria, which claimed 180 lives. This followed a safety recall by the National Consumer Commission after Tiger Brands subsidiary, an Enterprise Foods factory in Polokwane, was identified as the source [...]

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SONA 2018 – Summary of key points made by President Cyril Ramaphosa

Summary of Actions in the State of the Nation Address 16th February 2018 Transformation Support black industrialists – to build a new generation of black and women producers that are able to build enterprises of significant scale and capability. Use competition policy to open markets to new black entrants. Invest in the development of township [...]

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The election of Cyril Ramaphosa in December 2017 as ANC President has paved the way for him to become the future SA President. This has already resulted in several positive economic and political developments. If the position of SA President were to be advertised as is the practice with other vacant positions, Mr Ramaphosa’s CV [...]

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5 workplace changes South African companies must adopt by 2020

  5 workplace changes South African companies must adopt by 2020   Successful companies the world over are making the necessary shift of recognising the value of the workplace as a business tool to help hire and keep the best talent.  Linda Trim, Director at workplace specialists Giant Leap, said that for South African companies, [...]

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