Networking practices to avoid

While there is no denying the importance of networking in the modern business environment, it is important to note that not all networking is the same. There are networking practices you should leave at the door on your way to your next event or meeting. Don't take friends with you to a professional networking event. Unless [...]

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The Impact of Enterprise Development in South Africa

Enterprise development is defined as the act of investing time and capital in helping people establish, expand or improve businesses. Enterprise development helps people to earn a living; it helps them out of poverty; and it leads to long-term economic growth for themselves, their families and their communities. Not only is enterprise development one of [...]

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Employment Equity and BBBEE

  In South Africa, Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE, or BEE as it is more commonly known) is a complex system of rules and guidelines designed to effect socio-economic transformation by levelling the playing field for people of all races. While the major legislation involved is the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act, No.53 of 2003 [...]

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Employment Equity in the Workplace

WHY THE EMPLOYMENT EQUITY ACT South Africa has a legacy of discrimination in relation to race, gender and disability that has denied access to opportunities for education, employment, promotion and wealth creation to the majority of South Africans. The Employment Equity Act was passed to address this legacy and has two main objectives— to ensure [...]

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Success tips for small business owners

Running a small business may seem like a daunting task and one which you think you may not succeed in but here are seven tips to help you on your way to small business success. Have a success mindset It is important to think positively about your small business. You need to consistently remember why [...]

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Time for businesses to lead in Africa

It is no longer enough for businesses to take a profit-first business approach: not only is it not sustainable for the long term, but consumers at all levels are now demanding that the business world develop a conscience. The shared value model can take African businesses to the next level. Government regulations are slowly following [...]

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Township female entrepreneurs empowered

A group of women from Soweto, Tembisa and Mamelodi graduated from the Gauteng Township Retail Enterprise Development Programme (GTREDP), which aims to empower female entrepreneurs involved within the township retail industry. The GTREDP for Women was established in 2017 and is funded by the Gauteng Department of Social Development. A ceremony held at the Protea Hotel [...]

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Business networking for beginners.

Networking is the word which brings sweaty palms and heart palpitations to many, but it need not. With a few easy strategies you will be able to boost your confidence and overcome your initial fear of business networking. 90 percent of all small businesses get business from referrals, which mean your network is your net [...]

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SA Florist helps township businesses bloom

Using marketplace technology, SA Florist has launched a programme to on-board township florists through an ecosystem that has been established to assist entrepreneurs to launch sustainable businesses. It plans to attract, upskill and support at least 30 entrepreneurs over the next three years. A four-month pilot project was launched in Soweto to empower independent florists [...]

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