Claiming back Skills Development Levies

You have an annual payroll of more than R500 000 and pay your 1% of your annual payroll towards the Skills Development Levy (SDL) for the sake of being compliant. You know your staff need to be up-skilled, but neither you, nor your overworked HR manager have the time or energy to figure out what SDLs [...]

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The Energy and Water Sector Education and Training is a statutory body established in terms of the Skills Development Act (1998) as amended; to advance skills levels in accordance with the National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS) III. The SETA Grant Regulations (2012), as amended, prescribe that 80% of discretionary grant must be allocated to Professional, [...]

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Workplace skills planning and training

Now that your Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) is ready, how do you manage and implement it proactively? Developing a training schedule or workplace skills plan (WSP) each year to coordinate and direct the implementation of skills development interventions, is therefore of utmost importance for each organisation’s strategic goals when it comes to identifying proper skills [...]

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The purpose of the Skills Development Act

The purposes of the Skills Development Act are: To develop the skills of the South African workforce- To improve the quality of life of workers, their prospects of work and labour mobility; To improve productivity in the workplace and the competitiveness of employers; To promote self-employment; and To improve the delivery of social services; To [...]

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More to SETA compliance than statutory obligations

Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs) are primarily funded by the skills development levies paid by South African companies with payrolls of over R500 000. However, companies narrowly viewing the SETA governing their industry just through the lens of compliance, may very well be missing out on optimising on the numerous benefits built into their [...]

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Skills Development South Africa

There’s a major drive in South Africa to economically empower the previously disadvantaged majority. Skills development is one of the ways the government is equipping the millions of people who are underprivileged with training so they can be active participants in the economy. To fuel this skills development machine, the Skills Development Levies Act was [...]

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