Learnerships should be a priority

With South Africa’s unemployment rate at an all-time high, learnerships are necessary to help build a competent workforce as well as the key to boosting an organisation’s B-BBEE levels in the process. According to Richard Rayne, CEO of iLearn, a learning solutions-based business and the leader in next generation learning for business in the country, [...]

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Rethinking education to make employees future-proof

Being Prepared - Are you ready for the future? Choosing to invest in the complicated task of evolving education to "future-proof" workers is smarter than trying to future-proof jobs. Today's students must be prepared for jobs that don't exist yet, but also for jobs that exist now but will look drastically different. My teachers for [...]

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The benefits of upskilling your employees

It’s not easy to retain talent, and it’s expensive to lose a good worker. So, it’s actually sound financial advice to invest in your employees. Whether it’s with online training resources or by going back to school, when you upskill someone, you’re making them more valuable to the organisation. While there’s a risk they’ll take [...]

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