Toxic clients and how to deal with them

We have all experienced toxic clients. They’re the highly demanding clients who are never wrong, who want much more than what they’re paying for and who expect you to take the blame for their mistakes. While we’re not advocating that going the extra mile is not a good thing, it should not be at the [...]

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Why Skills Development Matters in SA

The development of your staff is very important in business, mainly because they are the driving force in moving your business forward. Regular skills development is essential in ensuring ongoing business development. There are a number of important reasons why skills development training can be beneficial to the business and should therefore be made a [...]

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The South African Basic Conditions of Employment Act

The Basic Conditions of Employment Act is the yardstick against which this is measured. This document stipulates the conditions under which employees, both South African and foreign, must be employed. Your work visa would not have been approved if your South African employer does not meet the requirements of the Act. However, this does not [...]

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Difference Between Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management

Industrial Relations vs Human Resource Management Difference between industrial relations and human resource management is that industrial relations is about establishing relationships among the stakeholders while human resource management is about managing the human resource in an organization. This article analyses these two concepts and the difference between industrial relations and human resource management in [...]

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You can’t fire me, I resign!

Another day, another high-level resignation. The past year has seen many heads opt to duck out of a sticky situation rather than face the music in a disciplinary inquiry; Matshela Koko, Anoj Singh and Shaun Maritz - and that's just from Eskom. Now although a company can still proceed with criminal charges to seek reparations [...]

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