The skills shortage in the construction industry

The construction sector is one of the perceived opportunities to address the unemployment problem in South Africa. According the Industrial Development Corporation, 44,000 jobs were created in this sector during 2016. The question is, what kind of jobs were these and how sustainable were they? According to Ian Massey, Director of MDA Consulting and professional chartered civil [...]

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Why Skills Development Matters in SA

The development of your staff is very important in business, mainly because they are the driving force in moving your business forward. Regular skills development is essential in ensuring ongoing business development. There are a number of important reasons why skills development training can be beneficial to the business and should therefore be made a [...]

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The ‘new’ independents keep disrupting in 2018

Private sector work moving to black-owned agencies It’s still a struggle to do business as a black person with both the private sector and the government. With the BBBEE Mac Charter coming into play, the prediction is that more private-sector work will slowly be moving to black-owned. It will be interesting to see what 2018 [...]

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Be more productive in 2018

Want to be really productive at work in 2018?  Productivity is the combination of planning and staying focused. This is easier said than done says Kamal Timmal, CEO of Eskilz, a national group of companies helping business achieve compliance while assisting them in business services.  At the end of every work day, the chances are that [...]

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