Register the business with the relevant SETA
Act as a Skills Development Facilitator for the business
Conduct a basic training needs analysis if required
Submit an annual Workplace Skills Plan and Pivotal Plan
Submit quarterly reports
Claim annually from the SETA
Introduce accredited training programmes for the business to be presented by accredited
training providers
Introduce Learnerships and youth subsidies

Advise on consultative process
Advise on the Employment Equity plan
Submit annual Employment Equity plan and report electronically
Assist with the establishing of Training – and Employment Equity Committees ( Inclusive only in
premium EE packages)

Provide support to set up HR and IR system
Drafting of new contracts of employment incompliance with BCEA and LRA or reviewing and
amending existing contracts of employment
Telephonic and email advice
Recruitment, selection and placement
Onboarding and exit interviews
Handle internal disputes until disciplinary
Support with HR/IR policies and procedures
Monthly audits to ensure smooth running of HR and IR
Performance management
Succession planning
Assistance and support with retrenchment process

This product allows entities to spend 2% (annual turnover below R50 million) or 3% (annual turnover above R50 million) on training of small black-owned entities to earn Enterprise Development points.

Training may include any of our accredited, non-accredited or Learnership programmes depending on the amount to be spent.

This product allows entities to train members of the community in any of our accredited, non-accredited or Learnership programmes depending on the amount to be spent.

Provide a draft BBBEE Scorecard at date of engagement
Discuss with client desired level
Formulate a BBBEE strategy to achieve the desired level in time remaining
Implement the newly formulated BBBEE strategy
Constantly monitor the progress of the BBBEE Strategy
Guide the client in compiling their BBBEE verification file
All above included in all packages below

The importance of an effective Human Resources and Industrial Relations Service

Every company should have a human and industrial relations policy in place to ensure that management and employees are both protected. The result of an effective employee relations strategy is one where a more harmonious and cooperative workforce is prominent.

  • Conduct HR assessment on current system
  • Advise on compliance of current contracts of employment in accordance with the BCEA and LRA