Rethinking education to make employees future-proof

Being Prepared - Are you ready for the future? Choosing to invest in the complicated task of evolving education to "future-proof" workers is smarter than trying to future-proof jobs. Today's students must be prepared for jobs that don't exist yet, but also for jobs that exist now but will look drastically different. My teachers for [...]

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Legal Charts and Posters | Department of Labour

Display of Legal Posters We received a number of enquiries in response to the earlier warning from the Department of Labour cautioning employers not to purchase wall charts from a company that call themselves “SA Legal Act”. Legal posters or wall charts are usually a summary of a prescribed legislation. They should be displayed where it could be [...]

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AgriSETA Discretionary Grant Application 2019/20

The Buisness Lab AgriSETA Grants AgriSETA Sector Education and Training Authority for the economic sub-sectors that include primary and secondary agriculture through the Skills Development Act of 1998. 2019 ACADEMIC YEAR & 2019/2020 FINANCIAL YEAR BURSARIES, INTERNSHIPS, LEARNERSHIPS AND ARTISAN DEVELOPMENT WINDOW PERIOD PLEASE NOTE Learnerships 18.1 and 18.2 applications are also to be included in [...]

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Mpumelelo “The Electrician” Mtolo

Eskilz College partners with MQA to launch the first of its kind qualification Eskilz College collaborated with MQA  in rolling  out  MQA’s First  Work Experience Programme. "We will expand the National Youth Service to take on 50 000 young people a year. Government will support tech-enabled platforms for self-employed youth in rural areas and townships," [...]

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Cybersecurity Terms You Need To Know

Cybersecurity is an ever-evolving organism and staying ahead of its developments and threats is a challenge. The terminology itself poses its own challenges in understanding this new landscape. Business Lab defines some terminology to make yourself familiar with and some tips on how yo keep you safe and protected. The constant effort of keeping all [...]

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Business Lab Announces Major Rebranding

South Africa, Johannesburg, Release: 27th May 2019 Eskilz, a compliance and training company, today announced a major rebranding to reflect the company’s evolution into an all-encompassing, global rebranding, to better cater to their current clients, partners and internal stakeholders and employees. Mr. Kamal P Timmal chief executive officer at Eskilz, said, “Businesses have been facing [...]

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What Are The EE Compliance Requirements?

COMPLIANCE REQUIREMENTS A Designated Employer Entity need to undertake to comply with all the provisions of the Act, and in particular (amongst others), Sections 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 24 and 27 of the Act. Section 13 Section 13 of the Employment Equity Act nr 55 of 1998 stipulates that a Designated Employer must [...]

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Learnership Tax Rebates

Learnership Tax Rebates and the benefit to companies When claiming learnership grants from your SETA, you can also claim a tax incentive when you register a learnership agreement with your SETA. Learnership tax incentive was introduced to: *Encourage skills development *Job creation *Providing an additional tax deduction for formal SETA registered training programmes *Types of [...]

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Toxic clients and how to deal with them

We have all experienced toxic clients. They’re the highly demanding clients who are never wrong, who want much more than what they’re paying for and who expect you to take the blame for their mistakes. While we’re not advocating that going the extra mile is not a good thing, it should not be at the [...]

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South Africa contributes a large portion of its national budget towards education and skills development. Approximately 1.5% of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is contributed towards education and training after school, most of which is received by vocational colleges and the National Skills Fund, among others. The Importance of Training Economic Benefits The majority of [...]

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