Cyber security has become top of mind for businesses everywhere

Big and small, How can you protect your company against cybercrime? Unpacking the risk and damage against your business core – cybercrime. Digital disruption has ignited the rapid rise of innovative start-ups, making it easier for agile businesses like Uber or AirBnB to enter the market with relatively low capital and infrastructure needs. But, with [...]

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Mining Sector Sector Funding Window Open 2020

MQA Claim up to 100 000 per learner* The first application window for MQA discretionary grants is now open. Employers and stakeholders in the sector are invited to submit their applications for the following projects: Adult Education and Training Artisan Aides Programmes Artisan Development Programmes Artisan Recognition of Prior Learning (ARPL) Candidacy Foundational Learning Competency [...]

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Food and Bev Sector Funding Window Open 2020

FOODBEV Claim up to 80 000 per learner The FoodBev SETA seeks to invite entities stakeholders involved in foold and bever-age Manufacturing sector .Interested parties and requested to sumit project proposals to partner with foodbev SETA on skills development initiatives targeted at uplifting the skills of rural and township youth , women and people with disabilities [...]

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Bank Sector Sector Funding Window Open 2020

BANKSETA Claim up to 100 000 per learner* funding window is an invitation to stakeholders to apply for funding from the SETA for the programmes that the funding window is intended for. The programmes may include learnerships, internships, and bursaries, etc. or may be aimed at a particular stakeholder grouping for example Medium to Large [...]

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IT Sector Funding Window Open 2020

MICT Claim up to 80 000 per learner*   Given the special nature of skills development broadly and with regard to SETAs specifically, the MICT SETA’s discretionary funding is applicable, in the main to MICT SETA Levy paying companies Non-Government organizations (NGOs) and Non-Profit Organizations’ (NPOs) Community-Based organizations’ (CBOs) Public Institutions, including public Technical Vocational Education [...]

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WSP and ATR why and how

Workplace Skills Plans and Annual Training Reports, the Why and How. Workplace Skills Plan / Annual Training Report If your company contributes to the Skills Development Levy you must submit your Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) for the next year 28 April 2017. This will qualify your organisation for the Skills Development grant. But you must [...]

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How corporate training benefits your business

When it comes to planning your company’s annual budget, allocating enough resources towards training cannot be overstated. Cutting back on HR costs and focusing budgets on systems and marketing may seem like a wise choice but these areas should not overshadow the value of continued learning and development in the workplace. The continued learning and [...]

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Does my business have to submit WSP & ATR?

Are you paying 1% SDL to SARS? Submitting all your required documents is extremely important. SETA’s are able to compile Sector Skills Plans, enabling them to provide grants to the value of 20% to 50% of the Skills Development Levies paid for the year in review. The Skills Development grants are indicated for the successful [...]

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Skills Development & B-BBEE Workshop

17 years in business and over 50 years of experience All registered companies are registered with a particular SETA based on the core business undertaking of the company (i.e. their primary sector in industry). Companies also need to submit an Annual Training Report (ATR) and a Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) every year. By submitting the [...]

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The Ins And Outs Of Employment Equity

Employees Should Understand An alarming number of workers in South African do not learn about labour law, despite the fact that the laws are available to the public.  In a country where transformation has been high on agenda ever since 1998, overall corporate transformation is apparently only cheap talk with numerous South African employees crying [...]

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