Apply for MERSETA funding Today

Closing Date: The funding window closes 6 December 2020 The Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Sector Education and Training Authority (merSETA) calls for funding applications of initiatives outlined below. This call for application is accompanied by guidelines which provides more details of the initiatives and set of interventions for each of the initiatives, and requirements [...]

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Apply for SASSETA – COVID-19 Relief Package

Closing Date: 25th November 2020 The Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority (SASSETA) invites all small enterprises who meet the criteria below to apply for a COVID-19 Relief Package. WHO CAN APPLY? ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: 1. Must be a small enterprise operating in the Safety and Security Sector, not employing more than 49 employees. [...]

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Apply for WRSETA discretionary grant today

Closing Date: 11th December 2020 - No late applications will be considered SETA: WRSETA The W&RSETA hereby notifies its stakeholders that the second 2020/2021 Discretionary Grant Funding Window is now open for applications. This additional Funding Window has been made available to address interventions that have not been allocated following the approval of the first [...]

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Designated employers & the Employment Equity Act 2020/21

The Employment Equity Act (“EEA”) applies to all employers, but a “designated employer” (who meets the minimum requirements) has additional responsibilities. Make sure you know what is expected of YOU and that you comply! The EEA aims to eliminate unfair discrimination in the workplace by promoting equal opportunities and fair treatment. Are you a “designated [...]

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Gain workplace experience with Eskilz College

Eskilz College is providing learners with an opportunity to gain workplace experience, this is aimed towards learners that have successfully completed the following course: National Certificate: Business Analysis NQF Level 06: Learner receives the following: 1. Monthly stipend 2. Travel allowance Learners are required to submit the following together with their application form: 1. Certified [...]

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Register for our online webinars and masterclasses today

EE committee training, prepare for the new normal Our Company aims to catapult the South African economy through assisting entrepreneurs, SMME’s and Large corporates alike in progressing. By partnering with businesses, we create employment and grow the South African economy. Change is inevitable for many industries, but in this ever-changing industry of compliance one needs [...]

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Employment Equity Guidance during COVID-19

Covid-19 has impacted businesses, but when it comes to Employment Equity in the  workplace, designated employers are encouraged to remain focused and determined to reach their Employment Equity goals and targets. Employers across South Africa are advised to take action, regarding company restructuring, cutting costs and retrenchments of workers, to survive in business. Designated employers [...]

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Apply for the CHIETA Discretionary Grant today

CHIETA 2020/2021 CYCLE 1 AMENDED ADVERT: DISCRETIONARY GRANTS Opening Date of Funding Window: 23 October 2020 Closing Date of Funding Window: 06 November 2020 The CHIETA Discretionary Grant is available for employers/enterprises within the chemical sector and is aimed at addressing the scarce and critical skills needs identified through the CHIETA Sector Skills Plan. WHO [...]

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2021 EE Deadlines soon approaching – Submit your EE reports today

The deadline for submissions is 15 January 2021. Who must report in 2020 1. All designated employers with 50 or more employees must report every year. 2. Employers with fewer than 50 employees who are designated in terms of the turnover threshold applicable to designated employers (Schedule 4 of the Employment Equity Amendment Act No. [...]

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