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Cyber security has become top of mind for businesses everywhere

Big and small, How can you protect your company against cybercrime? Unpacking the risk and damage against your business core – cybercrime. Digital disruption has ignited the rapid rise of innovative start-ups, making it easier for agile businesses like Uber or AirBnB to enter the market with relatively low capital and infrastructure needs. But, with [...]

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How corporate training benefits your business

When it comes to planning your company’s annual budget, allocating enough resources towards training cannot be overstated. Cutting back on HR costs and focusing budgets on systems and marketing may seem like a wise choice but these areas should not overshadow the value of continued learning and development in the workplace. The continued learning and [...]

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Does my business have to submit WSP & ATR?

Are you paying 1% SDL to SARS? Submitting all your required documents is extremely important. SETA’s are able to compile Sector Skills Plans, enabling them to provide grants to the value of 20% to 50% of the Skills Development Levies paid for the year in review. The Skills Development grants are indicated for the successful [...]

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Skills Development & B-BBEE Workshop

17 years in business and over 50 years of experience All registered companies are registered with a particular SETA based on the core business undertaking of the company (i.e. their primary sector in industry). Companies also need to submit an Annual Training Report (ATR) and a Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) every year. By submitting the [...]

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Employment Equity Regulations – What you need to know

To the CEO and HR or EE Managers Please read below and reply “BOOKING” should you like to book. Note that the Employment Equity Regulations has changed as per the Government Gazette, 8 August 2019. You will need to familiarise yourself with the changes before you submit your EE reports between today and 15 January [...]

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Learnerships should be a priority

With South Africa’s unemployment rate at an all-time high, learnerships are necessary to help build a competent workforce as well as the key to boosting an organisation’s B-BBEE levels in the process. According to Richard Rayne, CEO of iLearn, a learning solutions-based business and the leader in next generation learning for business in the country, [...]

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How companies utilise learnerships effectively

According to Richard Rayne, CEO of iLearn, companies that are obliged by law to contribute to the country's Skills Development Fund (SDF) through paying the mandatory skills development levy will find a number of important benefits if they include learnerships in their annual Workplace Skills Plan (WSP). A learnership is a work-based learning programme directly [...]

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Learnership initiatives are good for business

In November, South Africa’s unemployment rate reached a 12-year high of 27.1 percent. Although this figure has since dropped to 26.5 percent (92000 people have found employment), South African unemployment ranks as one of the highest in the world. Unemployment is driven mainly by our skills crisis. Programmes, such as corporate learnerships, that build skills [...]

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South Africa’s Paternal Leave is here

What you need to know This paternity leave will be funded by the UIF applications and be paid to qualifying beneficiaries at a rate of 66% of their earnings/income, subject to a  maximum earnings threshold. Effectively, the amendments provide that employees that are parents can either have access to ten days of parental leave when [...]

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