Covid-19 has impacted businesses, but when it comes to Employment Equity in the  workplace, designated employers are encouraged to remain focused and determined to reach their Employment Equity goals and targets. Employers across South Africa are advised to take action, regarding company restructuring, cutting costs and retrenchments of workers, to survive in business. Designated employers are still required to ensure that employees are treated fairly and not discriminated against while business is still in operation.

Who are designated employers as per the Employment Equity Act?
A designated employer is defined in Section 1 of the EEA as:

All designated employers with 50 or more employees must report every year.

1. Employers with fewer than 50 employees who are designated in terms of the turnover threshold applicable to designated employers (Schedule 4 of
the Employment Equity Amendment Act No. 47 of 2013).
2. Employers who became newly designated on or after the first working day of April 2020, but before the first working day of October 2020, must only
submit their first report on the first working day of October 2021.
3. Employers who voluntarily wish to comply in terms of section 14 of the EE Act.


Important tips for designated employers:

1. Minute for the Employment Equity goals and targets should be taken – Section 16, read with Section 17 of the EE Act
2. Employment Equity Plan and the Analysis Report should be amended– Section 19 and Section 20
3. Consult with the Employment Equity Forum, if you for business taking drastic changes with retrenchments and Job Loss – Section 25
4. All records to be kept in the Employment Equity file, the company notice board to be updated and kept where it is visible for all to see – Section 26


Notifying the Director-General to de-register:
1. Notify the Director-General of the Department of Employment and Labour, before 31 August 2020 by means of completing the EEA14 as per Section
21(4A) of the Employment Equity Amendment Act, 2013 (Act No. 47 of 2013) and add supporting documents as evidence for deregistration.
2. The Department of Employment and Labour will notify the designated employer once the applications are approved and de-registered.

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