Opening Date: 29/09/2020
Closing Date: 19/10/2020

Public Sector Learning interventions
To be applied for by Accredited Training Providers to train learners recruited by Government
Departments and Public Entities.

Learnerships for Employed Persons – Employed Learners (18.1)
1. Certificate: Office Administration Learnership (NQF Level 5) – 20 Learners
2. RPL National Certificate: Occupationally directed Education Training and Development Practices (NQF
Level 5) – 30 Learners
3. National Diploma: Legal Interpreting (NQF Level 5) – 100 Learners
Skills Programmes for Workers (18.1 Learners)

1. Skills Programmes 1 – Patrol Officers (NQF Level 3) – 23 Learners
2. Facilitate learning using a variety of given methodologies (NQF Level 5) – 20 Learners
3. Conduct outcomes-based assessment (NQF Level 5) – 20 Learners
4. First Aid (Only HWSETA accredited providers) (NQF 2) – 20 Learners
5. OHS in the workplace (Only HWSETA accredited providers) (NQF Level 2) – 180 Learners
6. Mentoring and Coaching (NQF Level 4) – 50 Learners
7. Examiners of Drivers License (NQF Level 4) – 30 Learners
8. Fire fighters (Only HWSETA accredited providers) ( NQF Level 2) – 200 Learners
9. Demonstrate and Apply knowledge and understanding of Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment
to raise awareness and promote change (NQF Level 2) – 30 Learners
10. Manage the tender procurement process Fraud 101, Procurement process (NQF Level 6) – 40
11. RPL: National Certificate: Occupationally Directed Education Training and Development Practices
(Skills Programme) (NQF Level 5) – 50 Learners
12. Interpret basic financial statements (NQF Level 4) – 20 Learners
13. Handle and use a handgun; Handle and use a handgun for business purposes and demonstrate
knowledge of the firearms control act 2000 (Act No 60 of 2000) applicable to possessing a firearm
(NQF Level 5) – 50 Learners
14. Sheriffs Introductory Course (NQF Level 5) – 50 Learners
Skills Programmes for Unemployed Learners (18.2 Learners)

*Only Community Education and Training Institutions to Apply in partnership with providers*
1. Drive a tractor (NQF Level 2) – 100 Learners
Artisan Training
NB: Only Public TVET Colleges to apply
1. Automotive Repair & Maintenance-Petrol (Employed) – 15 Learners
2. Automotive Repair & Maintenance-Diesel (Employed) – 15 Learners


Applicants to contact us on how to apply

1. It is compulsory that all applicants comply with the SASSETA Discretionary Grant Policy when
2. Valid and Certificate BBBEE / Sworn Affidavit
3. Valid Tax Clearance certificate / Certificate of Good Standing issued by SARS with a one-time pin for
4. Company registration documents (CIPC) for provider or relevant other professional Body Registration
5. Proof of registration on the central government database of suppliers (CSD)
6. Valid PSIRA registration (applicable only to the Private Security Sub sector training providers) or Law
society registration (application only to the Legal Sub Sector applicant) or relevant other professional
Body registration documents
7. Valid COID Certificate or relevant insurance
8. Certified Proof of accreditation and program approval for all programmes applied for. The accreditation
from the relevant quality assurance body must be attached. Reports from SETA IT system will not be
9. The applicant must ensure that a commissioner of oath certifies the copies of the tax clearance,
COIDA (where applicable) and BBBEE certificates and further that the certified stamo is not older than
6months from the date they were certified.
10. Delegation of Authority for person applying on behalf of the employer.

Should you require us to assist your company with the submission, please do not hesitate to
contact us telephonically on 0100300080 or via email