An EE shake up post pandemic


“Digital transformation is real, According to a Harvard Business Review study, leaders are actually recognising that their industries will be digitally disrupted. 80% of them say they recognise that it will happen to them. 86% says they recognise it as an opportunity instead of a threat. 47% declares that their business models will actually become obsolete in the next three years. 44% says that they have a fully formed digital transformation strategy. 40% says they are actually doing this because they want to give their customers a better customer experience.” Taken from Bizcommunity


Compared to the remainder of the globe, the present adoption and impact of business on the African continent remains low. However, it’s a subject that’s being acknowledged and mentioned by business leaders and policy manufacturers, primarily as a result of the impact, good technologies will build at a socio-economic level. the most important challenges in Africa/South Africa remain connectivity to information for small businesses and accessibility


Employment Equity has reached a new level of disguise in many companies, and if you are not aware it could mean trouble for the running of your company and your employees. The Bizlab not only offers EE services but are now offering EE online workshops, Click below to find out more :


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