Little has changed in Employment Equity and system opens the 1st September 2020 for reporting purposes.

Employment Equity inspections are in progress and are specifically focusing on the implementation of Employment Equity Plans. The EE Act requires companies to include in their Employment Equity plans, a strategy and time frame to implement and rectify under-representation of persons from designated groups.

The Department of Labour has indicated that EEA2 reports will not be received as legitimate submissions without proper consultation and communication strategies in place that inform all employees of the EE Act.
Companies that do NOT have Employment Equity plans in place may be fined for contravention of the act: The greater of R 1.500 000 or 2% or the employer’s turnover. In addition, companies that have falsely reported on Employment Equity plans or do NOT have such plans in place will be criminally prosecuted.

Employment Equity reports are due for submission on 15th January 2021.

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