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All registered companies are registered with a particular SETA based on the core business undertaking of the company (i.e. their primary sector in industry).

Companies also need to submit an Annual Training Report (ATR) and a Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) every year.

By submitting the ATR and the WSP on time, companies are able to claim back a portion of their annual skills development levy contribution which is 1% of their annual salary bill to SARS.

Key Discussion points:

  1. Skills development contributions to your workforce and your B-BBEE level.
  2. Outsource your learner & learnership management to an experienced partner.

Let our expert consultants help you meet all your training needs and legal skills development requirements. making your life easier, keeping you compliant, and bringing you possible cost savings:

  • Benefit from carefully selecting experienced accredited training providers
  • Maximise your Skills development expenditure on B-BBEE scorecard
  • Enjoy cost-savings and efficiencies through learnerships
  • Tax rebates and SETA grants
  • Receive expert guidance in meeting SETA and B-BBEE requirements

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