Unemployment in South Africa has risen close to the 30% mark. In a country of approximately 58 million people that means almost 17,4 million people are unemployed. That by any standard is not acceptable.

Eskilz College an accredited private college in partnership with Sizanani a registered NPO have through its 17 years of successfully implementing projects to train and develop unemployed people towards employability or entrepreneurship has embarked on yet another project to be part of the solution.

Join us is addressing the problem that we as a country face and fund any or all of the initiatives. Through this programme we are aiming at making a difference in changing the status quo of 1% of the unemployed people in South Africa. Eskilz College has over 80 sites over 9 provinces that can host over a 12 month period 174000 of the 17,4 million. I realise that it may not be sufficient to address the unemployment rate. However consider this, that by supporting this initiative you would be part of the solution to reduce unemployment by 1%.

As an organisation you would also be able to claim on your employee tax incentive of R1000 per learner per month over a 12 months period with a further R500 per month over the next 12 month period and up to R100 000 per learner per annum via the learnership tax incentive from SARS (T&Cs apply)

We have partnership with an IT company to develop software that will allow any learners to study anywhere at anytime, either online or offline. This unique software is the first of its kind globally and will allow more people to access world class education through Eskilz College.

Organisations would further be able to benefit in maximizing their score for various codes of their BBBEE scorecard.