Avoid Fines and Penalties

Employment Equity (EE) report submissions are now open and will run from 1 September 2019 to 15 January 2020. Failure to comply will see fines ranging from 2 – 10% of a company’s turnover or R1.5 Million.

This mandatory submission is relevant to all companies with a headcount of 50 employees or more and/or with an annual turnover above the required threshold (varies per industry).

Timmal Holdings COO, Jivesh Timmal, says that the Employment Equity report submissions is in accordance with Section 21 of the EE Act. “It showcases the company’s progress and commitment in achieving transformation by empowering its workforce,”

The purpose of the Employment Equity Act is to achieve reasonable progress towards employment equity in the workplace. “Known as ‘indirect empowerment’, EE provides equal opportunities and ensures an inclusive workforce. It forms a critical part of your B-BBEE scorecard under the management control element. It focuses on previously disadvantaged citizens and removes any discrimination at all levels,” Timmal explains.

Under the Management Control element on the B-BBEE scorecard, EE accounts for 17% or 19 points of the scorecard. The EE Act aligns the private sector to the public sector.

Each company elects an EE committee to design and implement an Employment Equity plan.

Mr Timmal concludes by saying that the EE committee should align closely to a trusted external advisor to ensure 100% compliance. With over 17 years in business and over 100 years in expertise we have been assisting companies do just that, be 100% compliant as well as strategise, implement, execute and measure.

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