Celebrating this Family day means spending time with family and loved ones, and being “free” from the corporate world.

Family Day used to be known as Easter Monday, but the name was changed to reflect and show respect to all the different religious traditions of South Africa.

Family Day gives family members and their children a chance to celebrate the meaning of being a family and to spend quality time with their loved ones by participating in fun activities together. Family Day provides hope in a community where families are the core and fundamental pillars of society. It is believed that you don’t have to have same blood relatively to become a family. You might have the best of the friend you share a lot of things with and certainly becomes a family to you.

It’s a family day, gather all your closest family friends, siblings and neighbours and celebrate your day with lots of love and joy. It will be a memorable day of the year! Those who are miles away will be around and those who are close by will also be available. Take a moment with each other; enjoy each other’s companies and share food, games, movies, stories and etc.

The importance of celebrating Family Day

it can be a positive life-affirming event for children in all families but particularly those in diverse families. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are international institutions but they do leave out lots of children every year and can cause awkwardness and exclusion despite the best efforts of parents and teachers. The concept of Family Day is so broad that everyone should be able to see themselves reflected in the notion of family, no matter what size or shape their family is. Even for those children who may not be living in their family of choice or birth, we hope that they can find something positive and celebratory in Family Day.

We have diverse families

Well, some people define themselves and their families rather than being prescriptive so the suppose in one way, it is how people feel about themselves. Most people believe that a diverse family is anything other than a marital family. However there may be families based in marriage who also feel diverse such as adoptive or foster families; step-families; ethnic minority families; families where someone has a disability or they are homeless or are dealing with an addiction.