The South African education system is in need of help. Public school classes are overcrowded and teachers often don’t have enough time to ensure every student gets the attention they need. Which is why private tutoring is in great demand, and why Cognition, an online ultimate tutoring solution.

#StartupStory: Cognition - the Uber of tutoring

While many may believe private tutoring to be unaffordable, Cognition allows users to tailor their options to suit their budget.

Once downloaded, the Cognition app allows students to source and pay for a tutor through four easy steps. First, users select the subject they need help with; then they can choose the amount they’re able to pay for the tutoring session; step 3 and 4 is a date, time and area selection. The request is then sent to the list of verified tutors, who will respond with an offer. Once users select their preferred tutor, they confirm the booking by paying through the online payment system.

Those looking to sign up as a tutor can do so via the app, using their Facebook account login. They are, however, put through a stringent selection process. They must hold a degree or prove they are proficient in the subject they are studying. A driver’s licence is also required.

We chatted with founder and managing director, Kyle Dodds, about the latest version – Cognition 2.0 – which has expanded the app’s offering from only Grade 4 – 12 tutoring, to now include university subjects, as well as driving lessons.