Youth Launch Roadshaows

Minister of Economic Development, Ebrahim Patel, says the government will launch nationwide roadshows on the youth initiatives.







A jobs summit, investment conference and youth empowerment were one of the few focal points President Cyril Ramaphosa outlined in his State of the Nation Address, #SONA, to stimulate the economy.

Patel reiterated the youth will become the centre of the economy.

“We’ve put together some money, small sums in the big scheme of things, R1.3 billion for youth projects that are commercially viable. If you’ve got a good idea that can stand on its own feet in the market and all you need really is some start-up funding then that money is available.”

Patel adds that tackling data costs is integral to boosting the economy

“The data makes a significant contribution to growth and wealth creation. So the Competition Commission, that’s the public entity that’s been going after corporate and price fixing and so on, they are now doing market enquiry, they’re asking the public and they’re asking the industry involved why are data prices so high and what can we do to change this.”