Eskilz Skills Development and BBBEE aligned services

Understanding South Africa’s ever changing, dynamic economy is critical in recognising the skills development gap that is always one of the main reasons for our poor economy.

Kamal Timmal, CEO of Eskilz, offers innovative training and development solutions to help upskill people through learnerships, nationally and offer businesses the opportunity to participate in these initiatives to help them with their BBBEE SD points as well as empower their staff to reduce staff turnover.

Eskilz has 15+ years of experience both in the education and development industry with a passion for uplifting South Africans who are unemployed, disabled or finding it hard to find a job. Eskilz together with Eskilz College have trained over 10 000 learners with an excess of 100 clients who participate in these learnerships, with stipends being paid directly to the learners.

With a staff count of 30+ members, Eskilz continues to achieve their vision and wishes to increase not only their clients by the end of 2018 but also their staff and office space.

Today, disabled, unemployed and employed persons are actively benefiting and are contributing citizens thanks to Eskilz. Companies that are achieving their target spend of 6% at a fraction of the cost, which makes this the most cost effective way of implementing BEE SD points.

Eskilz prodes its self on delivering excellent customer service, services that businesses need and helping the bridge the skills gap in South Africa. The group which also comprises of SABERA (BBBEE verification agency), Eskilz College (Accredited training college), Sizanani (Charity organisation for women and children) and MAR (Men Against Rape) prides itself on being the leading provider of BEE-aligned skills development training solutions to all its clients and learners.

Time to get to work

South Africa faces tough time, which is not secret.  Economic inequality and unemployment is very high in South Africa. This forcec Eskilz to be more persistent and find new ways in helping South Africans upskills and stay hard working through these tough times. This is the time to invest more in our people and uplift communities that need us the most.

BEE in 2018

While Eskilz is heavily invested in Skills development and Employment equity, they also have other complimentary services to accommodate businesses. Eskilz also offers BBBEE consulting and advisory services to help their clients understand the codes and how to implement them into their businesses to achieve BBBEE compliance.

Eskilz College (Accredited Training Provider)

Eskilz College offers a variety of accredited short courses and diplomas, these include:

  • Off-site theory and on-site theory – Eskilz handles all recruitment and admin requirements to train and certify.
  • Eskilz College is one of the first learnership platforms to align their offerings to clients SD points on their BBBEE scorecard.
  • Employees can embark on online courses or have a facilitator visit their offices at specific days of the month as to not accumulate travelling costs for the company
  • Clients who patriate are eligible for tax rebates, youth subsidiaries and discretionary grants.
  • Learners get hands-on experience and clients can claim the salary of the employee for the full duration of the learnership.
  • Clients can claim more than 500% of the actual spend towards their Skills Development target spend.

About Eskilz

Eskilz was founded in 2002 and is based in Kwa Zulu Natal with clients throughout South Africa. Eskilz have established strong working relationships with SETA, DOL, DTI, SEDA, FINANCE and funding institutions. The strong relationship has allowed numerous clients to benefit as a result of our affiliations. Eskilz has been a national small business advisory provider since 2002 in all sectors of business. Our experience gives us insight into the needs and trends of the South African market and the ever-changing Acts and regulations.

Driven by a team of highly experienced and passionate professionals with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Eskilz is an empowered organization with 100% black ownership. We believe that the real secret to our success is our staff. so, as an equal opportunity employer, we strive to employ not only the right candidate every time, but also one which reflects SA’s demographics .We are fully committed to the Skills Development and Employment Equity Acts and are continuously training and developing each member of our team. Eskilz strives to address the BBEEE Act and its mandate by employing black females.

Eskilz is committed to implementing the policies of SAQA, the DOL and the Doe. We are an accredited training provider.















Eskilz is the leader in BEE aligned Skills Development training in South Africa with over 15+years in the industry. Eskilz is focused on enhancing your company’s BEE compliance while ensuring that your company gains maximum BBBEE points.


Eskilz College and Eskilz have tailored their training according to the needs of their clients and to the courses and diplomas that are highly sort after to educate and upskill people with disabilities and employees looking to further their education.


Eskilz comprises of more than 30 industry experts and combines years of industry experience with a passion for training and development. The company has trained more than 10 000 learners and over 100 clients participating in these initiatives.